Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Packages

I always take great pride when sending correspondence to others which includes cards, letters, and packages.  In my opinion, it's all in the presentation!

That includes our family Christmas cards, which you saw and read about in a previous post. I also LOVE my photography packaging. I love to not only WOW my customers with amazing images but leave them with a lasting impression with my beautiful packaging.

So you can imagine, my Christmas packaging is no different! I will say, I don't buy new wrapping paper every year, but rather work around what I got the day after Christmas the year before or have left over from previous Christmases.  No lie, I'm actually still using some paper I bought 5 years ago....I'm pretty sure the family is tired of seeing that paper!

But I always look for creative ways to add to my packaging.  Last year I added monogrammed ornaments, which was pretty neat.  But this year I came across an Etsy seller that intrigued me.  Jennifer Biagi of PaperJacks.  I'm absolutely obsessed in love with Etsy.  If you're not familiar, click on the link and prepare yourself to handover the weekly paycheck.  Well it's not that bad, but I do use Etsy a lot for decorating, birthday party planning, and even some of my most favorite card designers I have found through Etsy!  I much rather buy from small time businesses or individuals than hand my money over to large corporations like Hobby Lobby (although sometimes that can't be avoided).  But I guess being the small business owner myself now, I certainly see the importance!

So this year it's red and white paper with paper ribbons and labels, thanks to PaperJacks of Louisville, KY! I'm just loving the simplicity!

(Below are images from PaperJacks Etsy shop. I hope mine turn out this cute!)


Tonya said...

Super cute packaging!! Love them all!

Mandy Rose said...

I wish I took pride in my packages! Ha! Those are beautiful!